Central MN Parish Nurse Committee presents: The Freedom of Forgiveness with Mary Hayes Grieco Tuesday, June 2, 2015 CentraCare Health Plaza

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June 2, 2015, CentraCare Health Plaza, St. Cloud, MN

The Freedom of Forgiveness
New understanding and new tools to promote peace and healing

June 2 2015 Freedom of Forgiveness Workshop

“Forgiveness” is an ancient and misunderstood concept that challenges our understanding. It is an issue of universal concern because hurts, betrayals and injuries of one sort or another are fundamental human experiences. The backlog of unforgiven history stands as an unspoken challenge for many people, and mental health professionals and people in church ministry are acutely aware of this. Today, the topic of forgiveness is enjoying a renaissance of new inquiry and fresh conversation in society and in the fields of medicine and psychotherapy. There is a growing body of research that suggests that the emotional relief of forgiveness has physical health
benefits as well. But thorny questions persist!

What is forgiveness? What do we do with righteous anger? When is a client ready to forgive? Does my client have to reconcile with the offender?
Are there some things that are unforgiveable? How do we introduce a spiritual tool to clients in a way that honors their own faith beliefs?
In this workshop we will entertain all of these questions in the light of an illuminating holistic model and a step by step method of forgiveness that reliably helps people become free of past hurts, swiftly and permanently. We will apply helpful guidelines from this forgiveness work to those who seek to be a listening presence, and to appropriately support a client’s movement towards the relief of forgiveness.