Duke University March 1, 2015, Crossroads Newsletter

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Duke University Center for Aging and Human Development

March 1, 2015

I am passing on this issue of Duke University Crossroads. You can go to the web site to sign up for regularly receiving this: Duke eNewsletter on Spirituality and Health, Center for Spirituality, Theology & Health <dukespiritualityandhealth@gmail.com>

Found in this issue research on topics we have discussed in Faith Community Nursing and the impact:
Religion and Post-Traumatic Growth in U.S. Veterans
• Religious Affiliation and Dementia in Taiwanese Elders
• Faith and Futility in the ICU
• Religious Coping and Drinking Outcomes in Alcohol Dependent Adults
• Assessing the Spiritual Needs of Caregivers synopsis from newsletter:
In this article a physician at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minn) has provided a tool (Key Questions) for health professionals to help them assess the spiritual needs of caregivers. To facilitate memory, the pneumonic “SIDNEY AC” was developed: (1) Has faith or spirituality been of Support as you face your loved one’s illness? (2) Is spirituality Important to you, as you provide support for your loved one? (3) Is your spirituality similar or Different from your loved one’s spirituality? (4) Have you encountered spiritual Needs that you have as a family caregiver? (5) What has this caregiving Experience been like for you? (6) Have You been able to find meaning in your caregiving experience? (7) Do you have a faith community, minister, or clergy Available to you? (8) Has your spirituality Changed since your loved one became ill? Also provided here are Key Concepts (presence, listening deeply, witness, acts of compassion [PLiWA]) and Key Resources (caring nurses, chaplains, community clergy [Triple C]). The goal is to empower health professionals with tools to care for the caregiver. Citation: Mnemonics for assessing and addressing spiritual care needs of the caregiver. Southern Medical Journal 108 (1):67-68 Comment : These mnemonics should be useful for all clinicians (physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains) and community clergy who attend to the needs of family caregivers of patients

This March issue of CROSSROADS…exploring research on religion, spirituality and health is a publication of Duke University’s Center for Spirituality, Theology & Health. The purpose is to provide updates on new research, news, current events, and funding opportunities related to spirituality and health. For past issues, click on this link.

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Crossroads, March 2015